AITU-IUTA 9th World Congress
Traditions; Research; Experimentation:
The Essential Elements of Contemporary University Theatre


Dear Colleagues,

Thank you once again for participating in IUTAs 9th World Congress entitled "Traditions; Research; Experimentation: The Essential Elements of Contemporary University Theatre".

This conference was a very stimulating scholarly gathering. However, now that its over, we have to launch the publication process, bearing in mind that each text submitted will be peer-reviewed.

The purpose of the publication is to give an overview of current research on the situation and on university theatre practices in link with the themes conference.

We would like to remind you that the theoretical dimension of your articles remains the primary consideration, even when dealing with specific case studies or specific situations. Furthermore, we will only publish original texts. Each article should include a recognized reference system (details to come) as well as a complete bibliography at the end. We will draw on each of these bibliographies to some extent when constituting the overall bibliography.

Papers can be written in English, French, Spanish, Belarusian or Russian. Length: 3000 to 6000 words.

We also plan to include visual documents.


Submission of articles: 1 April, 2013
Official selection Responses to authors: 1 July, 2013
Submission of finalized articles: 1 November, 2013
Publication: 2014

Participants are invited to submit their papers to


Do not forget to pay the fees! Receipts need to bring to the congress office - room 124. BSU Lyceum

Program of the Congress

There is a program of IX World Congress of the International Association of University Theatres (AITU-IUTA). You can download it here.

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How to pay fee for participation in the Congress?

All participants of the Congress must be members of the International University Theatre Association (AITU-IUTA), and for this you need to pay a membership fee.

Also you should pay participation fee. Payment can be made with a system PayPal, on the website of the Congress, by the international bank transfer or by check (but it must be first agree with the organizers).

We look forward to your applications

Remember that time is limited. Your applications up to 500 words on a 20-minute report, a 60-minute presentation or a 120-minute master class, as well as short biographies we wait until the end of February at!

Hurry up! There are few places for members of the Congress!

Deadline extended to February 15

IUTA IX World Congress: 2-6 July 2012

We invite scholars, intellectuals, creative writers and artists to submit proposals of up to 500 words for a 20-minute talk, for a demonstration, or a workshop, as well as a brief biographical statement of no more than 75 words to till 15 February 2012! Please find the Congress guidelines and a submission form on our web-page: And don't hesitate to contact us any minute!

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Traditions; Research; Experimentation:
The Essential Elements of Contemporary University Theatre

The International University Theatre Association was established during the Founding Congress at Universite de Liege (Belgium) in 1994 to develop and promote theatre training, creation, and theoretical and practical research, at the level of university or higher studies. The AITU-IUTA is represented on five continents and has members in over 50 countries.

Designed by and for people from universities and other types of post-secondary learning institutions, the AITU-IUTA is a unique forum where teachers, practitioners, creators, scholars and theorists can share discoveries and discuss common concerns. The Association provides a space for exchanges and services, and is open to all members of the academic community with an interest in theatre.

Since the Belgium Congress, the AITU-IUTA has been holding a World Congress essentially every two years, including in Valleyfield, Quebec (Canada) (1997); Dakar, Senegal (1999); Krakow, Poland (2001); Olympia, Greece(2003); Urbino, Italy (2006); Puebla, Mexico (2008); and Leicester, United Kingdom (2010). In 2012, the IX World Congress will be hosted in Minsk by the Belarusian State University.

The Belarusian State University is a leading scientific, educational, innovation and cultural centre of the Republic of Belarus. The University draws on the best domestic and international experience to respond to the intellectual, cultural and social interests of the individual, society and the state, and to facilitate the sustainable development of the country.

For eight years the University has been organizing the Teatralny Koufar International Student Theatre Festival, which is recognized as one of the leading festivals of University Theatre in Europe and post-Soviet countries. The Festival showcases the best artistic achievements in university and youth theatres. Its diversity of nationalities and practices provides an opportunity for enhancement of worldwide artistic exchanges and cultural understanding.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to take part in the IX World Congress and to contribute to the international theatre movement! Please find attached the Congress guidelines, an application form and other important documentation. For any further information, please, do not hesitate to contact us any minute or visit our webpage.

Katsiaryna Saladukha,
AITU-IUTA IX World Congress Director
On behalf of the AITU-IUTA IX World Congress Organizing Committee

Vice-Head of BSU Office for Culture Affairs
Director of Teatralny Koufar International Student Theatre Festival
AITU-IUTA Comex member
t/f: +375172095469